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Humanity on the Heath


Created by stitching together several of my sillouhette stills from the "Humanity on the Heath" series. Exhibited as part of the Heathlife film project shown in Burghouse Hampstead.
Directed by Nick Hillel of Yeast Culture. Animation by Adam Smith.

I was invited to screen this in the foyer of the Nottingham Play House during the acclaimed production of "The Kite Runner" adapted by Matthew Spangler from the book by Khaled Hosseini.

The short animation includes observations of people from all walks of life, ages and communities, couples, families and single figures on a late summer evening.

People regularly come to stand on top of Parliament Hill on London's Hampstead Heath contemplating the city spread out below.

The series has images of dramatic skies and hunched up figures entitled "Despair" another, its companion piece "Hope" (see above) includes the multicultural symbolic figure of Hope as a kite flyer.

See also galleries for more of this series.

Running time 2:04 mins
With sound track collage captured on the Heath