Emilie Selbourne Photography

New work 

Around Hervanta, Tampere, Finland 2022

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Documentary, Fine Art, Landscape & Abstract Photographic Series 

All images from chance situations and real spaces

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One advantage of the Photographic Art, will be that it will enable us to introduce into our pictures a multitude of minute details which add to the truth and reality of the representation, but which no artist would take the trouble to copy faithfully from nature.

Connecting himself with a general effect, he would probably deem it beneath his genius to copy every accident of light and shade; nor could he do so indeed, without disproportionate expenditure of time and  trouble, which might be otherwise much better employed.

Nevertheless, it is well to have the means at our disposal of introducing these minutiae without any additional trouble, for they will sometimes be found to give an air of variety beyond expectation to the scene represented.

                                                                                                                          William Henry Fox Talbot, The Pencil of Nature, 1844-46