My photographs are usually observations of people and the spaces they find themselves in.

They might be the subject in a landscape.

In all my landscape photographs I aim to capture the spirit of the place.

Fine Art projects usually follow contemporary concerns and literary references.

For people to like or find pleasure and solace in looking at my work is important to me.

About the work

  • crosses the conventional boundaries of documentary observation and fine art aesthetics.
  • inspired by the American pictorialists, Renaissance painting and JMWTurner brought up to date by new angles and digital formats
  • the social portraits and cultural commentary projects are truthful interrogations and representations of contemporary life.
  • my photographic and artistic style has developed from 30 years studying and working in London as a curator and on commissions and collaborations in London's arts industries and institutions  e.g. Victoria & Albert Museum, MTV Networks Europe, Connaught Brown Gallery, WWM Architects 
  • a new body of work emerges from the latest Finnish residency soon to be shared
  • regularly exhibited and in private collections in Uk and abroad.

BA Hons Art History at Camberwell UAL 1989
HND Fashion Styling and Photography at London College of Fashion 1996 
MA Photojournalism at Westminter University 2006.

"I longed to arrest all beauty that came before me" - Julia Margaret Cameron