My work is really about observing people and the spaces they find themselves in. I also try to capture the unsee-able - atmosphere and emotions - and when I see something beautiful I "long to arrest" and share it .*

Emilie Selbourne (b.1965) is a Uk photographer recently moved to Tampere, Finland.

Her work marks the intersection of documentary observation and fine art aesthetics. From landscapes inspired by the pictorialism of the past to social portraits and cultural commentary, all her work aims for a truthful interrogation and representation of contemporary life.

Her distinctive photographic style is borne from 30 years studying and working in London.

  • BA Hons Art History at Camberwell UAL 1989
  • HND Fashion Styling and Photography at London College of Fashion 1996 
  • MA Photojournalism at Westminter University 2006.

Curatorial roles, commissions and collaborations in London's many vibrant arts industries and institutions, such as Victoria & Albert Museum, MTV Networks Europe, Connaught Brown Gallery, WWW Architects and Tom Giannini Design, provided a wide range of infuences on her ideas and preoccupations as an artist.

"I longed to arrest all beauty that came before me" - Julia Margaret Cameron