Documentary Stories

Range of documentary projects taken in Uk and abroad, of people and places. Click on each image for extended captions.

"Giving back" - NGO Charity commission highlighting the new UN Rights of the Child. Report on various child welfare projects in India, B'desh & Nepal. Essay on charity ethics and photographing poverty.
"Fair Do's" - young people at various Cambridge UK fairs, Bonfire night, Midsummer Common Fun Fair, Strawberry Fair. "Townies & Gownies" - Cambridge Students and local townspeople observations at events.
"Blighty"- English SeasideĀ  - Brighton and Cromer, traditions, cliches, pleasures, atmosphere and light. (Coming soon)
"Thankless - Working women" - ongoing project highlighting some of the behind the scenes jobs, cleaners, chefs, stay at home Mums (c0ming soon)