1 : "Giving Back" I was commissioned by PLAN International children's charity to work on a project highlighting the newly established UN Rights of the Child.

I was to report on their varous child welfare projects in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, select children and teach them how to use a Polaroid camera to photograph their own lives. While engaging with the children and their communities, who were all so welcoming and generous, it only felt right to give them something back i.e. the copies of my Polaroid photographs of them

The project became a personal essay on charity ethics and flagged up deep concerns about the photographing of poverty. 

2 : Cambridge Stories

A collection of observations of the citizens of Cambridge. Either you are "Town" (not part of the University but live in the city) or "Gown" (member of the University) both seem to exist fairly harmoniously despite differences in wealth, education and cultural values.  I had access to both and could compare Cambridge with oxford where I grew up.